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Hot NEW blowjob photos up on Southern Charms!

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

I love giving a blowjob. No, seriously I do. I know alot of girls don’t. I love getting his cock nice and hard and that second before he’s about to cum knowing what’s gonna happen next and feeling his cum ooze into my mouth. I just love it. I also love my head being held and my mouth fucked. Knowing he’s that into it gets me more into it too!

Friday on Southern Charms I have some hot blowjob photos going up. He holds my head, he fucks my mouth and then cums in my mouth. I play with it a little before I swallow it down like the good wife that I am :)

Dont miss my blowjob handjob video or me fucking my friend in the ass with a strap on!

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The Naked Girlnextdoor

My new video is a HIT! Amazing Cum shot..

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Wow my new video seems to be a huge hit. I told you about that cum shot! Too hot huh? I actually had someone email me and tell me hats off to my partner :) He loves it when I stop right before he cums, then keep going a bit after. Makes for a great video too!

A NEW video has been added this week of my HOT friend Brooke and me playing! We’re doing a fetish called face sitting where she smothers me with that amazing ass of hers! If you love great round asses you’ll love this video!

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The Naked Girlnextdoor

What’s the big deal?

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

So I don’t watch American Idol.  I do however jog to the Today show, so I’m caught up on this whole gay stripper American Idol guy.  Um, who cares?  Isn’t all that matters his voice?  Oh, we’re talking about uptight American’s right?  Oh silly me.  I don’t get it, the guy was making a living getting naked for other guys.  Even if he DID have sex with other guys, still, who cares?  He probably didn’t though, just my guess. 

Ok, I’m off my high horse long enough to mention on Friday there will be a hot update of my husband fucking me then shooting his load all over my pussy.  I hope you guys enjoy it.  I’m trying to talk him into letting me video tape another blow job. Mmm I just love sucking cock.  Getting the right lighting at night is another thing…lol.  Hopefully that will be up by next week too :) 

I’m riding my Sybian and sucking his cock!

Friday, February 29th, 2008

I have a new set of photos up on my Southern Charm’s page.  I’ve been getting this request for a while now and finally decided to try it out and WOW!  I shoulda done this ALOT sooner! 

I start off in a crotchless pair of panties and a peek a bo bra.  The panties quickly come off and I climb on top of my Sybian. I crank it up and pull out his already hard cock.  I take it stroke after stroke into my mouth.  I’m begging him to cum in my  mouth. There’s nothing hotter than a load of cum shot in my mouth.  Watch as I show off his hot load still in my mouth then swallow it before your very eyes.  Mmm so good.  I think this is something I’ll try again…we both loved it and I hope you do too!  

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